To Beta Testers. We're having some difficulties regarding the new update given by IGCN. We are resolving the issue right now and will get the server up and running right after it is fixed.

Update Breakdown.
Expected by everyone, Season 15 Part 1-3 is out!
Find out bunch of exciting features among which you can find

New character, Slayer with full support of class change, skill tree and items
Completed Rune Wizard character
Renewed 4th Skill Tree for all characters
Max level increased to 1200
New multi-class Wings of Power
New Pet Trainer interface
New item upgrade interface
New maps and monsters - Kubera Mine, Abyss of Atlans, Scorched Canyon
Second level Earring items
Monster Soul System
Renewed Summoner Skills - Innovation, Berserker, Darkness, Death Scythe, Expllosion, Requiem, Pollution
Renewed Summoner Skill Tree
Guardian Item System
Monsters Elite Zones
New Mastery Equipment, Blue Eye and Silverheart

Happy Yuletide Season Everyone!

We have confirmed the release of the last part of the update for Season15 and with that we can finalize all setup and some of the bugs should be fixed.

Still we are undergoing beta test and Applications for Beta Testers are still Welcome. Check previous post for details. We will post the opening date once we are satisfied with the balance and finalize all system of the server.

In the mean time please share the game to your fellow players!! The more the merrier!

We also have an Official Forum and Discord Server which can be accessed from the website!


Blade Mu Season 15 is focused on Play-to-Win concept. PvM challenge guaranteed. PvP balance in the best possible way. Conventional Class discrepancies on PvM/PvP specially Elf and MG fixed. All the best possible farms will be secured in-game and not by coin shop. No full option gears on the shop, you will have to work for it in-game. Many ways of farming different currencies wcoins, ruud and goblin points. Transfer ruud and credits on website available. Normal personal store as GP not zen and offtrade available for wcoins. Special moss shop. Awesome drops on Bosses! Great events and activities will be ensured along the way.

#Opening Date and Time

--to be announced

#Server info:
+ Experience: 500x Normal, 100x Master and 100x Majestic.
+ Drop: 45%
+ Lorencia Map Customized
+ All classes available level 1
+ Reset: Level 400, Burn stats. [ Get 500 Points per Reset ]
+ Max Level: 1100
+ Max Stats: 32767
+ Grand Reset With 120 Resets [ Reward: 2000 WCoins ]
+ No maximum resets
+ Max Grand resets: 15
+ Spots in all maps
+ In-game WC store via /offtrade
+ In-game Gpoints store via Personal Store
+ Zen can only be passed on by trade.
+ Mastery Points per Master Level level : 1
+ Enhancement Points per Majestic level: 2

# Miracle System (Moss)
+ By Zen: Talisman Of Luck or Chaos Assembly,Elemental Talisman
+ By Soul: Chance to get Excellent Rings [2 Excellent Option] / Chance of Conqueror's Badge
+ By Bless: Chance to get Excellent Pendants [2 Excellent Option] / Chance of Conqueror's Badge
+ By Life: Chance of Conqueror's Badge, Archangel Weapon, , Garuda Feather, Transformation Ring
+ By Guardian: Chance to get Ghost Horse Materials

# General Events
+ Mini Games
+ Scramble Event
+ Happy Hour
+ White Wizard Attack

# How to get Ruud?
+ Join events (Blood Castle, Devil Square)
+ Participate in the Loren Deep Event
+ Defeat Bosses

# How to Get GP?
+ Kill Golden bosses.
+ Join events (Blood Castle, Devil Square)
+ Participate in the Loren Deep Event.
+ Defeat Bosses

# How to Get WC in-game?
+ Grand Reset: 2000
+ Vote: 120
+ Blood Castle: 20
+ Devil Square: 20
+ Kundun: 40
+ Core Magrify: 50
+ Lord Sylvester: 60
+ Lord of Ferea: 70
+ Selupan : 80
+ Lord Nixie: 90
+ God of Darkness: 100